What our clients say

“I am very happy with my website and the SEO is really hitting it’s mark right when I needed it.

I’ve been averaging between 1 and 3 enquiries a day and made a booking everyday in January = income of $18000 compared to last year when my rankings dropped and I had hardly any!!!”

Fiona King

“A huge thank you to the entire team.
They transformed my approach to getting leads without changing my brand style or tone of voice which was really important to me.

I’ve been asking my clients where they found me and they all keep saying the same thing - Google!

I’m stoked with the service, the support, the creativity, and most of all, the results.

Keep doing what you’re doing guys. I can’t thank you enough!”

Jay Flood

Our wedding marketing services

Search Engine Optimisation

Our experienced Wedding SEO team helps celebrants, photographers, planners, florists, venues and more get to #1 on Google. You love your website and your clients love you, isn’t it about time Google started loving you too?

Paid Ads

Our team of advertising experts are lead by an ex-google engineer. We know how to make your wedding business standout from the crowd. Our paid ads include: AdWords, Bing Ads, Linkedin Ads, Facebook Ads and more.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great way to get in front of more potential customers. Facebook is one of the worlds most popular websites. If you business is not on social you are missing out on 50% of your website traffic potential.

What else we provide?

Wedding Website Design

We design high converting, fast loading, mobile friendly websites with your target audience in mind.

Video Production

Video is the most engaging type of content you can deliver to your audience. Users love video.

Content Writing

Our team of writers are trained and experienced in creating content for the wedding industry.


why choose us for your marketing

Industry Specialisation

By specialising our services for the wedding industry, provides our clients with a competitive advantage over other businesses. This allows us to leverage our knowledge and experience to create more relevant content, ads and customised solutions to target your audience more effectively.

Better ROI

We have tested hundreds if not thousands of Ads. We have tested many designs all to find winning graphics, ad text, web design and email messages that convert your target audience. This history of experimenting has cost us thousands of dollars. Your business will get a better ROI by choosing us, because we use systems that work.

Proven Track Record

We have over a decade experience in digital marketing. Check our testimonials, case studies and videos. We have helped startup businesses earn over $18,000 in their first month marketing. Speak to one of our marketing strategists today to find out how we can do the same for your business.

Faster ROI

We know what is takes to drive targeted traffic to wedding businesses. We know what questions to ask, where know where to start and how to make improvements quickly. This will only happen if you work with a wedding industry SEO company. Our systems have been refined to speed up the process to achieve great results and a faster ROI for our clients.

Established Relationships

Another great advantage to working with a specialised wedding marketing services business, is you will be purchasing the long standing business relationships we have established. This will allow your business to earn links faster, earn referral traffic from private groups and quickly win more traffic.

Group Buying Power

You will be in good company. Because we have many clients in the wedding industry we are able to negotiate ad positions on popular wedding industry websites at discounted rates. We do this through group buying power. The more wedding companies that signup with us the greater that power becomes. Get marketing at a discounted rate.



Wedding SEO can be confusing. But it doesn’t have to be. Couples prefer to sit down with their wedding creatives before making a decision.

Why should you be any different??

We offer free consultations (valued at $1000) to walk you through your options and guide you through some quick wins that you can make on your website today.

Learn how to attract and close clients to get ahead of your competition.

And stay there.

Ready to say “I do” to your free consultation?

  • Get free website traffic from Google
  • Win new customers while you sleep put your website work 24/7
  • Stop guessing and hire a team of marketers with a proven track record

Why do I need seo?

Did you know that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine?

That means 9 out of every 10 people who compare wedding providers online start by staring at blank search engines like Google.

Search Engine Optimisation ensures your wedding service is shown on the first page of Google.

So when couples are ready to commit to a wedding creative, you’re the first choice they have in mind.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Optimise your website to start ranking for high-converting keywords
  • Create blogs that attract traffic and generate leads
  • Develop a mobile optimised website to connect with customers on the go
  • Implement conversion optimisation tactics to turn more visitors into customers
  • Find your voice to become an authority people turn to


By optimising your website we’ll help you achieve a top ranking spot – giving you the majority of impressions and clicks.

This is the essence of inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing has an average conversion rate of 14.6% compared to the 1.7% conversion rate of outbound marketing.

By placing your business at the top of Google we direct quality traffic that doesn’t just increase your website visitors, but helps you land more clients too.

what roi can i expect from SEO?

Google’s ranking algorithm determines the most relevant and useful pages to display.

As a result, once we optimise your website and guide you to the top you’ll keep attracting traffic to your website for years.

After your initial investment, there’s no further costs to keep that quality traffic coming in.

Here’s the best bit, outbound leads cost 61% more to acquire than inbound leads like SEO, making SEO a cost-effective way to grow your business.