About Us


We are a group of digital marketers with a passion for the wedding industry. We love the work we do, and when you love your work, it shows in everything you do.

We bring a mixture of experience and enthusiasm to each and every client we are lucky enough to partner with. And nothing makes us happier than seeing a couple find their dream wedding creative online.

But how did you end up specialising in Wedding SEO?

Our specialisation in wedding SEO came out of necessity. We noticed a worrying trend in the services provided for wedding professionals. Too often the focus was on websites that jumped off the screen, with design and personal branding taking 99% of the time and resources.

But what good is spending all your time on making your website look incredible if no one can find it?

We started WOWedding to provide the support and SEO strategies wedding creatives needed to get found online.

At WOWedding we:

  • Optimise for search
  • Increase website traffic
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Convert more paying clients
  • Track the data, improve + repeat

Each of our partnered clients gets the help they need and the leads they deserve.

We want to do the same for you too.

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